Experience the ultimate combination of practicality and stylish design with an annex that expands both the sleeping capacity and storage space of your cabin. Available with a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, and a storage room, this annex will give you extra comfort and space.

Turnkey from 580 000,-

Upgrade your guest comfort with our stylish and modern annex. Expand both bed capacity and storage space in your cabin with a simple and smart solution.

The annex is delivered turnkey and ready to use with a building permit included, and can be built at the same time as the cabin. Available options are described in our delivery description.

Customize the annex according to your wishes and choose from our lucrative options. Download the delivery description for a detailed description of the standard delivery and options.

Choose between two floor plans: Annex a, with bedroom and storage room, or Annex b, with bedroom, bathroom with shower and storage room.

plan and facade drawings

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