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Discover Abea cabins, designed and manufactured in Norway with a focus on sustainability and quality. Experience high-quality cabins made with eco-friendly, Norwegian materials for minimal maintenance.

Abea hytter

ABEA Hytter is dedicated to creating sustainable and high-quality cabins. Our production takes place indoors with a strong focus on environmentally friendly, local materials to minimize the carbon footprint and reduce material consumption. By basing our production in Eastern Norway, we avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions related to long-distance transportation, which contributes to both higher quality and efficiency in the construction process.

Founded by three families with a vision of modern, maintenance-free and affordable cabins, ABEA Hytter has established itself in Øvre Eiker municipality. We are proud to be able to fulfill our customers' dreams by delivering tailor-made solutions that meet their needs.

With a heart for the environment and quality workmanship, ABEA Hytter stands for local production values and high standard craftsmanship. We promise that every cabin we build is a sustainable investment. Get in touch to explore how we can realize your dream cabin together.

The creators behind Hyttene:

Meet the Team That Realizes Your Dreams

Andreas Eriksen - General Manager

Andreas Eriksen, ABEA's founder, has 15 years of valuable experience from the real estate industry and has managed a number of construction projects of varying scope. His breadth of knowledge and passion for finding practical solutions underpins his ability to maintain a positive attitude and build strong relationships, which is essential in our industry.

Andreas Eriksen - General Manager ABEA Hytter
Henning Schinnes - CEO ABEA Hytter
Henning Schinnes - Development Director and co-owner

Henning Schinnes, who is both co-owner and development director at ABEA Hytter, is behind our technical progress with his impressive background in industrial automation and project management. Henning has proven his exceptional expertise through innovative leadership and technical excellence, especially in PLC, HMI, and robotics. His strategic vision has been the driving force for the company's growth and development, with a strong focus on a collaborative work environment.

Renate Ellefsen - Managing Secretary

Renate has been a key person as managing secretary at ABEA Entreprenør AS since September 2021. Her background in accounting and administration, combined with a bachelor's degree in economics and management, has made her an invaluable asset to the company. With over four years of experience from a leading accounting firm, her skills range from financial analysis to administrative support, she contributes significantly to both daily operations and strategic planning.

Renate Ellefsen
Geir Eriksen
Geir Eriksen - Senior Project Manager

Geir Eriksen, who recently took on the role of project manager with us, has a wealth of experience in real estate development and project management. His management of projects, from concept to completion, and his specialization in small to medium-sized real estate projects has enriched the team. Geir's experience with international projects gives him a valuable insight into dealing with complex challenges and cultures.

Jon Sverre Eriksen - Project Manager

Jon Sverre, who joined us as a project manager in 2022, has a practical and solution-oriented approach to project management, strengthened by his background as an electrician and training as an automation engineer. His ability to find effective solutions without sacrificing quality is crucial to keeping our projects on track.

Jon Sverre Eriksen
Anita Helene
Anita Helene Haukelidsæter - Accounting

Anita Helene, with a solid background as a health secretary and experience from working in a medical center, has effectively transferred her skills to handle accounting and administrative tasks with us. Her insight into accuracy and efficiency from the healthcare field enhances our financial management and administration, contributing to optimal operations.

Andreas Budak - Chairman of the Board and Marketing Strategist

Andreas Budak, chairman and co-owner, stands out with his varied background from entrepreneurship to technical and creative work. His experience in leading a customer-centric used car company and contributions in technical project management in the offshore industry, along with solid experience in multimedia design, has strengthened his role in promoting ABEA's brand and engagement.

Andreas Budak

Quality and Reliability

ABEA Hytter combines traditional craftsmanship with new innovation, anchored in qualifications such as the Master Craftsman Certificate and Central Approval. These accreditations confirm our commitment to high quality, efficiency and sustainability in every project. We ensure that our cabins not only meet today's standards, but also those of the future, through a commitment to professional development and innovation.

As a Sentralt Godkjent foretak, we demonstrate our capacity to meet the requirements of the building regulations, guarantee professional excellence from concept to realization, and ensure that our solutions are both innovative and in line with applicable laws and norms. This helps to protect both the environment and our customers' investments.

At the core of our business is a strong combination of technical know-how and aesthetic sense, which transforms our buildings into lasting, sustainable homes. Our dedication to quality and sustainability is reflected throughout the building process, positioning us as a preferred manufacturer that prioritizes both the environment and customer satisfaction.

By engaging ABEA Hytter, you get a partner committed to quality, safety and innovation, backed by solid expertise and recognized accreditations.

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